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Navigating the Path to Financial Coaching: Unveiling Gems from Karen Eley

Throughout the various episodes of Jenesis Gems, so many of the wonderful guests have shared some incredible insights and gems along the way. Embark on a journey with Karen Eley from Women Talking Finance in Episode 11 of Jenesis Gems. Uncover the secrets behind becoming a Financial Coach as Karen shares her investment, brand evolution, and valuable tips.

Explore Karen’s insights on language in finance, transforming the budget conversation and understanding the psyche around it. Delve into her advice for those leaping into something new, considering a transition in brand or niche.

If you’re on the starting line and taking that leap of faith to begin something new in the transition phase for a new brand or niche, there are a few things to consider.

Karen’s Gems

Jenny’s Reflection

For assistance in building your client avatars, connect with Jenny on LinkedIn or book a chat hereTune in to Episode 11 for a wealth of insights on the Jenesis Gems Podcast!

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