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Episode #25

Building Futures: Pathways to Financial Advising

Explore episode 25 with host Jenny Pearse as she engages in a compelling discussion with two guests from JBS Financial, CEO Jenny Brown and Provisional Financial Adviser Kaitlin Mifsud. Kaitlin shares her journey to advice as a career option, along with the steps she took and the expectations she set. Together, they highlight the crucial importance of nurturing future leaders and advisers while exploring the evolving landscape of supporting new market entrants to the field. Tune in now to listen and empower your journey in the world of financial advice!
Episode #24

Unveiling the Power Trio: Culture, Clients, Marketing

Join Jenny on Episode 24 of the Jenesis Gems Podcast as she welcomes Corey Wastle, CEO of Verse Wealth, a leading financial advisory firm in Australia. Explore how Corey's strategic focus on team culture, client experience, and marketing has propelled Verse Wealth to success. Discover how Verse Wealth integrates core values into their daily operations, empowering every team member to contribute to the company's culture. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion about building a thriving business with a strong foundation in culture, client-centric practices, and effective marketing strategies.
Episode #23

Empowering Advocates: Being a Financial Abuse Specialist

Discover a crucial yet often overlooked topic as Jenny hosts Michelle Hoskins from Standards International in London. Michelle sheds light on financial abuse, its global prevalence, and the role financial advisers can play in supporting clients facing economic harm.

Learn about the creation of the Financial Abuse Specialist Certification, a collaborative effort between Michelle and Australian Financial Adviser Amanda Cassar. Gain insights into obtaining certification and identifying key red flags plus you can access Michelle's useful resources. Tune in for invaluable guidance and essential discussions.

Trigger warning: This episode addresses sensitive content related to financial abuse, offering support and resources for financial advisers navigating this challenging issue.

Disclaimer: If you should feel that you, or someone you know, is in immediate danger, please call the Police on 000 or call 1800RESPECT, a 24/7 hotline and speak with someone today.

Episode #22

Being a Family Business

Join us for a heartwarming episode with Terry, Ben, and Mia Johnson from Keyman Financial Services. Discover their family-owned financial advisory business specialising in risk insurance, founded by Terry Johnson in 2009. In this episode, Ben and Mia share their unique paths to financial advice, reflecting on lightbulb moments that shaped their careers. Terry discusses the pride of watching his children evolve professionally. Listen as Mia and Ben unintentionally adopt Terry's soft skills and storytelling style, grounded in lived client experiences. Tune in to this inspiring episode of Jenesis Gems.
Episode #21

Someone Has to Be The Most Expensive

Entrepreneurial Futurist, accomplished author, and all-around great guy! Join us for an enlightening discussion that explores embracing change, finding your unique value, and confronting the challenges of small business. Andrew unveils the secrets behind his latest book, "Someone Has to Be the Most Expensive, Why Not Make It You." Listen for a conversation filled with wisdom and advice applicable to businesses of all sizes!
Episode #20

Creating Your Style of Impact

Join in for an inspiring conversation with Dawn Thomas, the "forever financial adviser" and advocate for positive outcomes; unveils the secrets behind her unique personal brand and shares her path to authenticity. Discover the significance of authenticity and how to find your voice in an ever-evolving world. We delve into insights on personal branding, audience development, and the transformative power of trial and error. Tune in to this episode for Dawn's remarkable journey and gain valuable tips on creating your own style of impact
Episode #19

Choosing to be a Risk Advice Business

Join us as Phil Thompson, Director and Financial Adviser at Skye Wealth, discusses his transition from holistic financial advice to becoming a dedicated risk advice business. Phil's journey over the past decade has led him to focus exclusively on insurance advice, and he shares his motivations and experiences in building and growing his specialised practice. By honing in on one area, Phil has perfected his craft and offers valuable insights for those considering a similar path. As the demand for risk advisers continues to rise, this episode provides key tips for exploring this style of advice in your business. Ready to take the leap into risk advice? Don't miss out—listen now!
Episode #18

Balancing Pro-Bono Advice in your business

Financial advice has the power to transform lives, especially during difficult health situations. Join Nicola Beswick, Financial Adviser and Chair of the Pro-bono Advice Network (PFAN), as she discusses the role of PFAN and how you can get involved. Learn about the skills needed to provide pro-bono advice and make a meaningful impact. Nicola empowers people to achieve a financially certain future, and PFAN plays a crucial role in supporting those facing health crises. Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference—listen now!
Episode #17

Adding Aged Care to Your Advice Offering

Discover the growing demand for aged care advice with Louise Biti, Co-founder and Director of Aged Care Steps, and a recognised expert in the field with over 25 years of experience. Louise and Jenny explore the changing landscape of aged care advice and the crucial steps for financial advisers looking to expand into this area. Gain insights into pricing your services and demonstrating your value. As demand for aged care advice soars, learn why and how you can become an aged care specialist too. Don't miss this opportunity to level up your expertise—listen now!
Episode #16

The Importance of Words in Your Marketing

In this episode, Michelle Bowes, a seasoned business and finance journalist, joins Jenny to explore the power of words in your marketing. Discover how to make financial content engaging and the benefits of outsourcing to a copywriter and journalist. If you're eager to start writing yourself, listen in for valuable tips, like beginning with the end in mind and understanding your audience. Michelle has also released her book, "Money Queens: Rule your Money," a guide for teenage girls. Ready to enhance your marketing and writing skills? Tune in now and take action to level up your content! Don't miss out—listen today!