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7 ways to get your marketing mojo into gear in 2019

Without a doubt 2018 has been a year of distractions. For those that work within financial services, it’s not been a jolly year. No matter how well prepared your business is for change it’s been challenging. We’ve seen never-ending headlines on the Royal Commission. As well as the changing landscape on legislation, regulation and compliance. We’ve also had shifting tides when it comes to data security and privacy. GDPR came into effect for those that dealing with off shore clients and communities. There has been industry related cyber-attacks leaving a question mark over how safe is our information. The growing issue for many on managing cash flow. With shifting revenue structures, increased compliance and education costs pushing into expenditure.

The most current distraction is that of the year end – putting off till tomorrow what you can do today.

What did 2018 deliver from a marketing perspective?

2018 saw the continued rise of video. Consumers are now more than ever experience focused and this is the domain of video. That does not mean that ALL content should be in video format. But if you want to engage and build awareness then video needs to factor in your strategy. Posts that teach have always been at the forefront of financial services content; this style of content has shape shifted. We have gone from heavy tech focused written content to podcasts that allow the consumer to learn but engage at the same time.

Facebook suffered its setbacks. It remains a favoured platform across Baby Boomers, Gen Xer’s and Millennial’s. Gen X and Baby Boomers love for Facebook is stronger than Millennial’s. Yet their preference for Facebook is still higher over the other social networks. Gen X and Baby Boomers identified YouTube as their second favourite social platform. This would support our increasing appetite for video. Facebook remains the number one platform in Australia. Throughout 2018, there were 15 million active users monthly.

The largest growth on platform was with Instagram. Millennial’s have spread their interests across many platforms and Instagram is where they are shifting to with Snapchat. Avatars or personas became a key focus, they allow you to embrace your audience on the social profiles your audience engage with. Groups became the safe haven for communities throughout 2018; providing some light relief to the constant barrage of paid advertising. Plus the overwhelming amount of big data in existence. Groups provided opportunity to businesses and individuals; it has allowed them to grow their tribes, niche their conversations and content.

“It’s impossible to out run the future, if you don’t see it coming!”

In 2019, it is no longer a question of why but how and when you get started with your online brand building program. I hear the objections but whilst negativity abounds can we be sure everyone is hearing it?

It’s time to get your mojo back in 2019 with these key steps:

  • Set your goals clearly and review them at least quarterly.
  • ROI can mean many things to different people, understand what your ROI looks like.
  • Know your audience beyond standard demographics. Engage an external consultant. They can help you distinguish your client’s key behavioural attributes.
  • Create your plan and don’t be afraid to encompass things you haven’t tried before. Take your audience on the pathway with you and they will learn and adapt as you do.
  • Create and source your content. Be accountable to deliver the content you need to keep your audience engaged.
  • Go live and be consistent in whatever activity you choose to put in place. Whether it’s investing in social media or an email campaign strategy – do it consistently.
  • Be present, a digital marketing strategy cannot be a set and forget approach. Your audience sense when you are not invested and simply walk away. They want to know that they can trust you and you will be there when they expect you too.

Finally, whilst all this may seem overwhelming, nothing happens all at one time. The process to make this work form a part of an action plan. Ask for help where you need to. There is a growing tide of financial advisers that have embraced digital marketing in their businesses. They have done so on the basis that they work to their strengths and outsource the areas that they need help with.

The  key  to  getting  things  right  for  2019  is  to  take  the  time  to  review  2018.  It’s  not  something  that  many  of  the  people  I’m  engaging  for  the  first  time  have  taken  the  time  to  do.  It’s time to get your marketing mojo moving, ask me how you can get started!

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