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Is your content your marketing nemesis?

Most financial advisers are feeling genuinely overwhelmed now, so when it comes to their marketing, a less is more approach is being adopted. The argument no longer needs to be made that (digital) marketing has its place in any financial adviser’s business tool kit. It’s important not to let creating your content become your marketing nemesis.

Latest data suggests daily internet usage in Australia is up 37 minutes on average, totalling more than 5 hours daily. Total online activity amounts to a whopping 40 hours a week. All up, 1 in 3 minutes online is spent on social media.1

Whether this trend would have achieved such high numbers without the impact of a pandemic, we will never know. It is, however, safe to say that your ideal clients are utilising the internet regularly, and they are spending substantial time on social media as a way of informing themselves.

If you have already kickstarted your social media profiles, now it’s time to get clever with your content.

Creating content does not have to be your nemesis if you apply some simple principles to help you keep your content funnel flowing.

  1. Frequency: Decide how frequently you want to be scheduling posts so you know the quantity of content you need.
  2. People: Remember who it is you are talking with and ensure the content you create is styled to suit them.
  3. Social listening: You want your content to be relevant, so keep an active ear to what is engaging your audience and what is happening within your community generally. It will help you produce content that starts conversations.

Generating content

Not all content needs to be delivering targeted, technical information. In fact, the more you step away from what you do and focus on who you are and how you help the better.  Keep your content style natural and use storytelling as a bridge between what your audience is interested in and positioning yourself as an influencer. Does your content convey the right content style?

Content Styles that work.

  • Entertaining
  • Educational
  • Informative
  • Meaningful
  • Unique
  • Participation

Get your content organised.

The digital world changes quickly so it’s a great idea to get your content organised so it is simple for you to access and schedule as needed. Archive content that you have used but remember to use each piece of content you have created more than once. Keep your current content readily accessible and filed in content types.

Type of content

There are many types of content that you can use as a vehicle to communicate a message. It’s important to use what works best for you and to keep it simple when you.

Typical content types are:

  • Visual – photos, infographics, memes.
  • Video – recorded videos, live streaming, online events.
  • Text-based – social media, blogs, interviews, newsletters, reviews.
  • Audio – podcasts, interviews.
  • Interactive – checklists, case studies, quizzes, eBooks, research.


Are you the content creator? If so, make sure you have a content theme list to work with and that you are actively mapping ideas with a central focus suited to your audience.

If you are curating content from an alternative source, ensure you are frequently reviewing what is available to you. There are many content libraries that provide content specific for financial advisers and accountants. Check with your dealer group, licensee, or relevant association or reach out to product providers who are producing consumer-focused content. It all helps to keep your content flowing.


Plan your activity so you are always ahead with the content you are producing or sourcing. Book a regular meeting in your diary as a designated time to create the content you need. Occasionally, you may need to adjust your scheduled content, so the more content you have prepared, the easier it will be to pivot when you need to.

There are many third-party platforms to assist you with scheduling content. Do your research when adopting a publishing platform; some are more suited to certain social media platforms than others.

TIP: Consider using the scheduling platform within each social media platform you are using if there is one available.

Final Word

If creating content isn’t for you, that’s okay! Curating content from a content source allows you to add your opinion and remain relevant to your audience.

Content creation doesn’t have to be your marketing nemesis. If you are still feeling overwhelmed, outsource to a service provider who can assist you in creating a content plan and the right content for you and your audience.

Book a chat to find out how we can help you.

1 Digital 2020 Australia  https://wearesocial.com/au/blog/2020/02/digital-2020-in-australia-analysis

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