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I’m in love with…

I’m in love with… what I do! Well communication; marketing really. I’m in love with the power of marketing and how it elevates your voice; for you and your business a voice!

I’ve been working in and around marketing in different arenas for over 25 years and seen more fads, trends and “new-ways” of doing things than you can imagine. But at the heart of all of these “new things” is that marketing provides you an opportunity!

It’s the opportunity to bring your story, values and message to the people you have already built a relationship with but also to the people you are yet to meet; this is the power of marketing. How can you not be in love with that outcome?

So why is marketing so often left as an add-on to what people do in their business? Frequently an afterthought once everything else is done can be the norm in small to medium size businesses.

Simply put, it’s the time and commitment you need to get it right that remains a roadblock for many. Environmental impact has created downward pressure on your ability to earn a living and make a profit and as with all businesses we tend to run to the biggest emergency believing that is where the urgency is rather than what is the priority for the future of my business.

There is magic in what you do!

Every business has its own magic in the way it supports and helps its clients because of the people within it.  Too frequently we keep that magic to ourselves rather than allowing it to be seen and heard. So how do you get the magic out there?

It all starts with communication! Create your universe and get the message out there.

A sample version of what Your Business Universe could look like.

When you create your universe you allow your community to experience you and begin the pathway to know, like and trust. For those that are meeting you for the first time it’s their opportunity to get to know you and for those that are already part of your tribe; it keeps you connected as a source of trust.

The principle of know, like and trust:

  • Know – be available so people can get to know you. Be yourself.
  • Like – your message must resonate with the people you want to attract so that you can emotionally engage on shared commonalities..
  • Trust – without trust you have nothing so identify as an influencer in their community to develop trust.

A word of caution. Whilst it can appear oh so easy to just go and create all of these elements so you can have your “ta-da moment” within your community, this can often blind people to your real purpose in why you do what you do. It is the shared transformation that encourages a community to trust in the end result; take them on the transformation with you. Ask your community (clients) what they want, know where they are most likely to want to be engaged, understand the type of conversations that they are comfortable with; they are your best feedback loop. These are key elements in getting any campaign right so that you can shape the outcome you are looking for.

Getting the balance right in your marketing mix will allow you to grow and develop your profile for who you are and become the influencer you want to be in your tribe. What’s not to love about sharing, connecting and engaging with the people you want to have as part of your tribe!

If you don’t want to do it on your own then reach out and let’s chat! Or you can jump over and take a look at my “Kickstart your Online Brand” program for those that want some help getting started here.

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