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At Jenesis, we believe that success is born from passion, collaboration, and a dedication to delivering exceptional marketing services. Our team is composed of individuals and service providers who share a deep commitment to these values. Together, we work harmoniously with our clients, fostering a friendly and collaborative environment to achieve remarkable outcomes. Meet the faces behind our mission to bring you top-notch marketing solutions.


Founder, Managing Director, Marketing Consultant & Podcaster.

Hi there, I’m Jenny, the Managing Director of Jenesis, which I founded in 2006 because of my love for small business and marketing.

I’m deeply passionate about the financial services sector, so early in the growth of Jenesis, I elected to specialise in helping financial services organisations, advisers, individuals, and businesses thrive.

My journey has been a continuous learning experience, always focused on levelling up my skills and assembling the right team to enhance and evolve what we do. My passion for the heart of business and the pivotal role of marketing has evolved over time. I firmly believe that a business prospers and grows when you nurture the business itself and its people.

My personal and professional mission is to enrich, empower, and evolve individuals and their businesses. It’s incredibly fulfilling to create and grow together with our commitment to sharing your story so that others may benefit from it. Allowing the world to see behind what you do to who you are.

As a Marketing Consultant, speaker, podcaster, and strategist, I focus on blending digital and traditional marketing techniques to help you find your voice and amplify it through your marketing. I believe in knowledge-driven change and providing the leverage to reach your goals tailored to your unique needs.

I’m excited to collaborate with passionate individuals who share my commitment to business and marketing.

My guiding mantra is simple: Clarity is more important than certainty.


Business Manager

Hi, I’m Michael. My role is all about providing solid back-office support for Jenesis and taking care of those essential operational tasks that keep everything running smoothly.

I’m your go-to guy for a wide range of administrative and operational functions. Whether it’s updating and managing our accounting system, keeping our Project Management applications in check, or preparing insightful reports, you can count on me to get the job done.

When I’m not at the office, you can often find me engrossed in a good “Who Done It” movie or a nature documentary. Of course, nothing beats spending quality time with my family, and I have a soft spot for driving my John Cooper Works Mini.

I firmly believe that patience and persistence are the keys to making progress, and I always strive for professionalism in everything I do. At Jenesis, we know that the simple things matter most, and we’re here to make the important things a little less challenging for you.


Admin & Marketing Assistant

Hey there! I’m Courtney. I have a real passion for writing and a creative eye that fuels my love for crafting blogs, social media captions, and designing eye-catching graphics.

Keeping client websites fresh and engaging is also my forte. Crafting newsletters and providing detailed reports is another area where I shine.

For me, it’s all about creativity and supporting the team. The best part? Much of what I do doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy every moment.

Reliability and transparency are my watchwords. You’ll often see an email from me keeping you up to date on what’s happening and letting you know when tasks are complete.

I live by the motto, “You are Stronger than You Think,” and I carry this spirit into everything I do. Outside of work, I recently purchased my first home with my husband—a thrilling adventure! I’m also proud to support Dog Rescue Newcastle and have a soft spot for black cats.


Digital Content Assistant

Hey, I’m Ashleigh. You could say that I’ve come this far by embracing risks and seeing every challenge as an opportunity for success or personal growth. I view these as stepping stones to learning and developing my skills.

My true passion lies in creating and sharing digital marketing content. This allows me to express my creativity, refine my graphic design skills, and craft compelling content that resonates with our clients.
I’m happiest when we help our clients overcome obstacles. My vision is simple yet powerful—I want everyone to understand the immense value of the work we do.

While my proudest achievement is undoubtedly my children, I’ve also turned a dream into reality by embracing full-time travel. It’s amazing how our weekend adventures have become our daily life. Life is full of surprises, and I’m here to embrace them all!

Let’s turn ideas into
reality together.


Over the years we have had the absolute pleasure of working with some outstanding people. Not only are we passionate about helping these people, but we also thrive on connecting them with others to learn, support and innovate.