A 5 stage program to help you uncover your 'why'
and broadcast your 'brand message'!

Who is this program for?

  • You know you need to boost your brand, but need some guidance.
  • You feel your online presence needs a kick-start/tidy up.
  • You need help polishing your ‘WHY’.
  • You don’t know what to post in order to stand out.
  • You don’t have time to post regularly and effectively.

What's in the program?

Understanding your Why – A 60 minute chat with Jenny to uncover why you do what you do and discover more about you and what your online brand looks like today and who are the people you want to talk too.

Analysing your Digital Footprint – Let’s look at what your online presence is right now, how passive or active is your digital footprint? It’s time to gather the digital data that will give you a clear picture of what needs a tidy up so you are reaching the people you want to communicate with.

LinkedIn your “personal website” – Let’s tidy house and make your key element of your digital media shine, your LinkedIn profile, so you are sending the right message. We will uniquely look at your profile summary and review examples of profiles of other financial advisers to showcase how you can differentiate who you are. Along with guidance on how to make the most of the other key areas of your profile. Off the back of a 45 minute chat with Jenny.

Content is King! – Here you will receive information on a key aspect of digital marketing and that’s digital medium. Our focus is on the style of content that works and sources and the platforms you should be considering.

Time to launch – A look back at your achievements in the program. Discuss your digital activity and keeping yourself accountable. Implementing a basic content calendar to keep things moving.

Let’s turn ideas into
reality together.


Over the years we have had the absolute pleasure of working with some outstanding people. Not only are we passionate about helping these people, but we also thrive on connecting them with others to learn, support and innovate.