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Is your content here today and gone tomorrow?

By Jenny Pearse.

Creating content for your digital marketing can feel very much like you are a hamster on the hamster wheel; forever creating new content. With the ever-changing marketing trends of social media, it can seem overwhelming to know how to create content that keeps you connected to your audience.

But here is the thing, if your content is most likely to be here today and gone tomorrow; why would you spend time, which is at a premium, creating content?

Whilst we could discuss the importance of digital marketing here and now; my focus in this article is on the importance of the role of content creator in your business and extending the life expectancy of the content you create.

Who is the content creator in your business?

Put simply, everyone!

Whilst all business owners will put the demands of servicing clients and ensuring revenue is flowing into the business first, the role of content creator can pay handsome dividends if executed correctly.  You and your team are all part of the content funnel to keep the network of communication flowing to the people you serve. Like everything, some people will respond well to writing a blog over doing a video; whilst others will feel more comfortable in taking photos around the office or at an event. Talk as a team and identify what your comfort zone is and get involved. The investment in your communication with your clients will deepen your relationship with them.

Consider this, your clients want to see and feel connected to you, not always as a face to face experience. To keep your audience engaged, your content should either ‘inform, educate or entertain’. Just remember not all content needs to be a deep dive.

Here’s some quick tips that will be well worth the investment of your time when creating content:

  • Highlight a cause.
  • Place focus on a problem (or even better a solution).
  • Educate by sharing an article or video.
  • Inform with a quick tip.
  • Inspire good will with a charitable activity.
  • Bring your audience into the story to take action on creating change.
  • Create curiosity and allow your community to get to know you by using images.

There has been much debate about the fast pace of news feeds on social media posts, and with platforms changing constantly; it can be hard to keep up with your content.


You’ve invested the time and energy to create your content, so you want to do all you can to increase its longevity. Right?

Whilst this graphic may appear daunting given the investment of your time to create content in the first place; there are a few key steps you can take to help increase the life expectancy of your content.



To help you keep your content around a little longer invest by:

  1. Ensure you keyword everything you do
  2. Research the hashtags that will help your content gain attention
  3. Use your content not once but twice or more on any platform to become “re-discoverable”
  4. Re-purpose your best content by bringing it up to date with current information
  5. Choose the platform where your audience engages you regularly and optimize with platform specific tools.
  6. Combine the power of email into your social media content plan to enhance your digital strategy.

Increase the life span of your social media activity by sharing great content that resonates and is relevant to your audience.  Have a strategy that encompasses quality content, adds value to your audience and provides the opportunity for them to interact with you. Craft your messages well and tell your audience what you want them to do so they are more willing to like, comment and share the experience.

If you put your best digital foot forward when creating and using your content you can extend its life expectancy and get more out of your overall digital marketing activity.

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