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Are you in survival mode?

Are you in survival mode or are you maintaining an infinite mindset!

As a small business owner for many, many years and as a Business and Marketing Consultant, I’ve been a big fan of Simon Sinek for a long time. His ‘Start with Why’ book has been on my bookshelf for as long as I can remember and I reference it continuously when talking with clients and my community in general. It’s rare that I come across anyone that hasn’t read it or at least heard of it. Like many others, I was eagerly awaiting his return to Australia through the Growth Faculty so that I could see him live and absorb so much more of his energy and enthusiasm for business.  Of course enter a pandemic and the whole tour is called off and we sit and wait in hope that new dates will be locked in for his ‘Infinite Game’ roadshow. (Latest update is that he will be in Sydney & Melbourne in February 2021).

However, in the meantime, I wanted to share a video from Simon’s YouTube channel that really hit home about some of the language that is being cast about in regards to the current situation. Simon recently addressed his team over video chat about his thoughts on COVID-19 and it’s impact on their business, and like most of his videos, it went viral.

Take a moment out of your busy day and invest in yourself and watch this video. Click on the image or hit the YouTube link to watch – it will only take 6 minutes of your time!


You might like to refresh your memory on Start with Why – take a look and download the intro to Simon’s book StartWithWHYChapter here.

We have an advantage right now, we know why we do what we do and we know what we do, it’s just the how we do it that is different. Are you mastering your how?

Find your voice and if you don’t know where to start please reach out to me here.


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