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Jenesis Gem from Josh Anthony

With increasing focus on thoughtfully crafted websites, it’s not always easy to understand all the steps needed to create the right one for you. Understanding each person’s role is key, including the difference between website development and website design.

In this Jenesis Gems Podcast, Jenny discusses the key elements of creating a great website and how it’s critical for a financial adviser’s website to create trust as part of their marketing strategy. Josh Anthony is a software engineer and director at WPRunner.com, an Australian website support and maintenance business.

Website design versus website development

Josh provides clarity, “When talking about design, it really means creating a picture of a website or creating a design. A designer doesn’t really write any code, they design it and bring your brand story to life. It’s the equivalent of a painter painting what your website would look like as a concept. Then, the development is when we go and build it. So, for people buying a house, it’s often, you know, someone will sketch out what your brand-new house is going to look like, but then it takes time to build that with the builders. We’re like the builders instead of the architects.”

Josh’s Gems

“My hidden gem is probably not what you’d expect from a programmer, but it would be to focus really on the basics.”

“Getting the right message to the right person.”

“There are so many people that we’ve met whose first interaction with us is that they want to automate everything.”

“Whereas I think that if you go back to those basics, look at the story and talk to someone who knows the strategy, then you can really get a much better understanding and put your best foot forward in the right way. And we see customers who come to us and just, they have not thought about it.”

“When time is very precious in the world that we live in, to spent hours doing something that is not going to improve their website or not going to improve their business at all, is a waste.”

“And a lot of that’s just if they just spent even a couple of hours thinking about it, they probably would have not even started that down that road.”

Jenny’s Reflection

Your website acts as an open invitation for visitors to get acquainted with your brand, serving as a gateway to deeper connections. In this interview, Josh provided valuable insights into tailoring your website to match your business’s current stage, emphasising the importance of cost-effectiveness and avoiding unnecessary extravagance. Above all, he stressed the significance of creating a user-friendly experience that eliminates barriers and guides visitors seamlessly towards engagement.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, with evolving trends in website design and the integration of AI. Yet one thing is certain: websites will remain a cornerstone of your marketing strategy, ensuring a strong digital presence and fostering lasting connections with your audience.

Whatever your approach to your website, there are solutions to suit your advice business. Start by booking a chat here. Thanks for sharing, Josh! You can catch his full interview on Spotify here.

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