It’s not about the destination, it’s about the shared experience!

Throughout each year we apply enormous energy and mental capacity to achieve each and every thing we set our minds to at the beginning of the year. And now the finish line is almost in sight as we approach the end of the year and the dawn of a new year is on the horizon.

Interestingly this year I’ve had to apply more mental energy than ever before. To keep my energy high, my eye has been on the prize of a much dreamed of summer holiday.  Of course as so often happens in a busy household, the dream exists but the planning of the much desired vacation had not been put in place. Have my dreams been dashed? It’s become clear to me that squeezing everything I want to do into the time I have available may not be all that realistic.

Then it hit me!

It’s not about the destination it’s about the shared experience.

Memories drifted back of a road trip that I shared with  my husband, Michael, in January this year, heading to Ballina to visit family.  It had been a long 2014 and busy Christmas period, I just wanted to get to our destination. To create a distraction on the journey we decided to make a journal of our trip based on every coffee stop we had throughout our holiday.


Firstly, let it me state for the record we are not coffee aficionado’s but we are coffee enthusiasts.  That being said when we purchased our first De Longhi coffee machine Michael participated in a Barista course (he has to get those coffee’s just right). Amateur’s, yes, but we know what we like.

I decided to take a look at the notes we made and the pictures we had taken. We had each given a small review of our individual coffees and rated the coffee according to our level of satisfaction, 10 being the gold medal winner.  What I found so interesting as I took a wander through the past was that I was smiling to myself. AND that the journey itself had been so much fun.

You see we all do this, we don’t take the time to step back and look at what we have achieved, the people we have been able to help and influence; the difference that we make to each other everyday.  The journey is the key, it is the shared experience. That partnering with people, that makes us who we are as we learn and adapt because of our experiences.

So this year it won’t be about where I end up for my vacation, it will be about the journey; the one I’ve shared with my family, friends, clients and colleagues.  It’s simply the best because it’s helped to make me who I am.

So you know, the gold medal coffee from our trip to Ballina was:

Botero Coffee 7-20 Taloumbi Street, Maclean


Our reviews:

  • MP – Latte: fantastic flavour. Marco beans which is our favourite. 10/10.
  • JP – Cappucino: Pure coffee heaven. Good temperature. Froth was perfect and very silky, which accentuated the coffee flavour. It had the right amount of bitterness without being over powering. 10/10.

It’s well worth the trip off the main road and the cafe food is great! The Bean Bank Coffee House in Main Street Ballina came a very credible second.

Enjoy the shared experiences and you will make it to your destination. What’s your destination this holiday season?

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