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Pressing Pause

As the sun sets on June and we head in to the second half of the year this is a really great time to pause, reassess, reset and re-energise your (digital) marketing strategies.

So here are some things you should be asking yourself:

  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working so well?
  • Where can you improve?
  • Are your goals still relevant?
  • How are you tracking with your goals for 2018?
  • What will you be doing to keep you (and your team) accountable to achieve your goals?

Once you have the basics down then don’t forget to ask your feedback loop how your are tracking from their perspective. Testing and measuring your clients and community is a great way to see how you are bench-marking with your goals and how your message is resonating.

Checking off the wins and acknowledging the losses is important to see where you have worked well individually and as a team.

So now you know what has worked, it’s time to get your half-yearly plan laid out. Consider what are the burning imperatives and what are the nice to have’s when it comes to achieving you next goals. What, why and how will you communicate these goals – internally and externally.  Once your plan is visible to you and your team, it’s time to build your strategy to implement what you want to achieve and showcase your message to your community.

AND this is where so many of us fall over. Build the strategy that is going to underpin your activity and help you achieve your goals. Know why, how and who will be contributing and building each element so that you can reach your outcomes. Some of the most rewarding work I do is sitting with my clients and helping them to press pause and then review, reassess and re-energise their marketing ideas so that they can become reality. Building communication strategy and implementing great content through different mediums is great but it’s such a thrill to train teams on how they can be contributors too.

If you’re struggling to achieve these things then source the help you need to have a stellar second half of the year!


An Idea is just an idea until you write it down and it becomes a goal, then get implementing.

If you’re struggling to achieve these things then source the help you need to have a stellar second half of the year!

Most importantly, reward yourself for all you have achieved so far; no matter how small the achievement – you did it!

See what you can do to make 2018 your best year yet!

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