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At the age of 25 my adventure into small business began, to this day I still remember walking into the bank to get my first business loan with my Dad. The feeling of starting something new, the faith shown in me by my amazing support network, and being nurtured by great business partners has never left me.


Over the years, I’ve worked in various industries, mostly with SME’s; in that time I have experienced and learned many things. My passion for the heartbeat of business has continued to evolve. Understanding the importance, that when you nurture business and the people within it – then it will prosper and grow. I have continued to evolve in my own business, as have the businesses that I have had the privilege of working with.


It is now a personal and professional goal of mine, to provide that same benefit to other business owners. I hope to enrich, empower and evolve the people and the businesses that I engage. The sense of fulfillment of putting the pieces of the puzzle together as you create, build and grow as we work together is incredibly rewarding.

When you know better, you do better. I provide the leverage you need to get things done and develop the strategy to help you get there. Everyone’s needs are different and I work to where those needs are in your business.

I’m excited to be working with amazing people that feel the same way about business as I do; always understanding that there is someone there to support you.

David Rylah

Working with Jenny has been a great experience. She is extremely passionate about what she does and getting results. I've felt a sense of confidence having Jenny in my corner working on my business with me and the changes she has made have been invaluable. Jenny has so much experience and so many ideas that I know I will be working with her for a long time to come!!

Jenny Brown

We love working with Jenny her ideas and support is awesome and just what we need. She has helped provide us with numerous strategies to mix up our digital message and hone in on what's important for JBS to get across through our social channels to ensure we stay relevant and keep reaching the right clients and potential clients.

James Millard

Jenny has been a guiding light in helping us plan and execute on numerous successful strategies which have in turn grown our following, engagement and client base.

Michal Bodi

Jenny is one hell of a business coach. No matter what part of cycle your business’s at, she has the unique ability to peel the necessary layers in order to help you expose the core of who you are and why you are in business.

Michael Back

Jen has an incredible range of business experiences which shape the practical guidance and honest appraisal she offers to clients. Everyone I know who has worked with Jen is in a better position for it, myself included.

Deborah Kent

I have found Jenny to be an extraordinary person, a leader, a mentor and a champion of not only women but also of anyone in Financial Services.  She can draw the best out of people, make them stand up and step up to challenges that they have, coaching them to be the best that they can be.

Stephen James

Jenny is thoughtful of others, warm, generous, a great strategic thinker who cares about what matters most. She has an amazing creative mind and an uncanny ability to draw out the very best in people.

Shakira Moss

Her knowledge in the field of business development and structure is excellent, and she pulls a business together to make it function like clockwork. I would highly recommend Jenny as a business coach!

Nicole Heales

Jenny is a gem who sparkles in a crowd.  She strives for excellence in everything she does, and goes above and beyond her scope of work every time I engage with her.

Naomi Christopher

Jenny has a warm authenticity that allows her to understand your business and how to convey your message. I have never seen her shy away from hard work and the fruits of her labour are always revealed in the quality of her marketing genius that she provides for clients.

Brad Fox

Jenny is energetic, enthusiastic and very good at her craft. She assisted us to outrank all other financial services membership associations in social media. Jenny has a personable approach supported by a good knowledge base and persistence to get things finished.


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